Haus of Gloi Spring Collection 2015

Haus of Gloi was my very first dip into the waters of indie perfumes, in no small part because of the free domestic shipping for sample purchases. I am such a sucker for free shipping, so I ordered sample vials of several seasonal perfume oils. This review only contains the perfume oils, but Haus of Gloi’s seasonal collections also contain bath and body products.


Ruth “Fresh strawberry, green patchouli, rose geranium and crushed violet leaf.”

I didn’t even want this! It was a surprise free sample, and I’m so glad it was! At first sniff, it’s almost too sweet. I got a flavorful berry gummi candy. It’s not really something I want to smell like, but it is something I want to just keep eating and eating and eating, so I applied it and enjoyed that weird scent-taste link like a bottomless calorie-free snack. Eventually the candy yielded to earthiness, like actual dirt. Then a little green appeared, and just a tiny bit of patchouli. Not much, but it’s there. The whole experience was a fantastic introduction to perfume oils: At first you’re eating strawberries, then you’re sitting in the dirt… a garden, maybe you’re weeding and snacking on berries as you work. And a tiny waft of patchouli is in the air, just enough that you can pick it out but not enough to actually smell it if that makes sense. As perhaps you can tell, this is exactly the point where I fell solidly into the rabbit hole of indie perfume oils.

Selkie “The break of waves, gurgling sea foam, kelp, rain tinged air, sand smoothed driftwood and wild sage.”

Is this what water scents are like? Holy shit I’ve been missing out, I always thought it just meant “smells like all the worst scented candles.” In reality, on my skin/clothes, this smells exactly like the description. I won’t even try to improve upon that. I apply it lightly to my upper chest like it’s Vap-o-rub and breathe deeply when I need a little mini ocean escape pick-me-up during the day. I plan to buy more next year.

Milkmaid¬†“Flushed, but demure. Fresh milk, clean linens, pale musk and pink sweet pea blossom.

In the vial, it’s creamy and sweet, like milk and honey. Once applied it’s a whole lot of, “Hope you LOOOOVE baby powder! Because you’re going to smell like baby powder forever now, probably!” After an hour or two, I got a hint of light floral and the honey reappeared. Several hours later and I’m at powdery honey.

Honeybelle “A blooming orange orchard, orange blossom honey, soft white tea and creamy white amber.”

Honeybelle started out as creamy honey with a hint of light powdery floralness. As it wore, I noticed the powdery white floral more, even though the honey never really faded. I kept wanting to call this Reverse Milkmaid, but that’s too raunchy for such a sweet and innocent-smelling fragrance. Honeybelle and Milkmaid seem to start out at opposite ends of a honey-and-powder spectrum, but they both end up near the center.

Ploughman “Well worn leather, dirt n’ dandelions, carrot, a pinch of tobacco and a light sheen of feral skin musk.”

Fresh, clean, cold earth. No notable changes. The clean/fresh might be the dandelion or carrot? If it had some saltiness or sweatiness to it, it would smell like chores and hard work. It doesn’t, it’s simply the potential of rich dirt. I feel satisfied and productive when I smell it. Capable and strong and full of potential. This is straight up digging in the dense black earth.

Splendiferous “White cake, lemon zest glaze and sugared violets.”

Splendiferous is the only scent I was unable to snag, as I didn’t want it when I made my first order and it had sold out by the time I made my Summer Collection order.

Haus of Gloi’s Spring Collection is available while supplies last. Perfume oils are $3/sample vial or $15/5mL bottle. I’d love to hear what other people thought of these scents – did you smell the same things, or something totally different from what I described?

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