July 2015 Empties

wpid-20150811_165625.jpgAnother month, another pile of garbage to show off!

  • Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s invisible oil shampoo foil (2): fine, like the smell, not magical.
  • Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s invisible oil conditioner foil (2): fine, like the smell, not magical.
  • Bumble and bumble Surf Foam Wash Shampoo foil: I don’t think there is anything special about this besides the scent. I do really really like the scent though. So summery! I wish I could get it in body wash or perfume.
  • Bumble and bumble Surf Creme Rinse Conditioner foil: pretty meh conditioner, still like the scent though.
  • Living proof. frizz shampoo foil: does what shampoo is supposed to, while smelling like unsweetened grapefruit. I dislike grapefruit, but I have to admit it’s a good refreshing scent for hot and humid summer days, the kind of days that make your hair frizz.
  • Living proof. frizz conditioner foil: does what conditioner is supposed to, and smells just like the shampoo.
  • Carol’s Daughter Monoi Oil sample: Eh. It looked oily every time I used it even though I followed the directions. If I loved the scent I could probably figure out a way to work it in to my routine, but I wasn’t impressed.
  • KSKIN Emu Cooling and Slimming Massage Cream full size: I’m not sure of the exact name of this, basically it’s menthol lotion. I absolutely love it to slightly numb/relax and cool my legs down at night after a long work day. As with every Memebox product I’ve received and loved, it’s impossible to repurchase.
  • Studio 35 Beauty 100% acetone: Every time I switch to something that isn’t 100% acetone, it takes freaking for. ev. er. to remove my polish. I’d rather briefly expose my nails to a harsh drying chemical that effectively removes polish than use something less harsh that is less effective. This bottle leaked when stored on its side but otherwise was just like every other acetone.
  • Chloe perfume foil: Not notable in any way.
  • Dewy Tree Honey Moist Black Sheet Mask: Well, it’s black, and I’m not, so it looks a lot like I’m in blackface and I feel weird about that. My skin was much better the next day (more moisturized, not flaky in the areas that had been extra flaky recently).
  • Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Buttercream travel size: I really enjoy this scent but the sugar-ness of it can get to be too much. Travel size is the perfect amount to enjoy but not get sick of it.
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighting Liquid sample in Sea of Clouds sample jar: I was hoping this would be terrible because it’s so expensive, but I get compliments nearly every time I wear it. Luckily I have another sample, plus it swatches almost identically to my other liquid highlighters (Lorac and Benefit).
  • e.l.f. eyeshadow pan (2): completely panned pans from a 32-pan neutral palette that I depotted a while back. My opinion of them is also neutral. These metallics are powdery and I plow through them faster than any other eyeshadow I’ve used. I think that’s why I keep going back to them – not because the eyeshadow is anything special, but because it’s so satisfying to completely empty a pan.
  • Clinique Superprimer Universal Face Primer foil: Does nothing for me. I mean it might make stuff last a little longer, but it looks bad/creased so there’s really no benefit.
  • Trader Joe’s Jojoba Oil FS: Jojoba oil is kind of magical and a multi-purpose basic to have on hand, but this bottle leaked a tiny bit so I made a point of finishing it up. Would buy again, but I’d like to shrink my stash a bit first and wait until I have an occasion where I’m like, “Oh no, ONLY jojoba oil can save me now!”


  • Julep Blank Canvas Mattefying Eye Primer full size: I depotted it into a little Tarte pot, which is what’s in the photo. This primer is actually really great at preventing creasing and I would totally repurchase it if Julep changed the packaging. The current design makes it almost impossible to access most of the product, so after about seven uses, it seems like you’ve used it up. Hence the depotting! I used a serrated kitchen knife to saw open the Julep packaging, and scraped the product out. What I thought was almost gone was enough to totally fill this little pot. It dried up before I could finish all of it, but I was able to get several extra months(!) of use.
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer deluxe size: Used half of it, tried it with all my foundations and BB creams. It does nothing. ….okay it might actually be an okay moisturizer, but it does literally nothing that a primer is supposed to.
  • Clean Cotton T-shirt 6 mL vial: I don’t really enjoy this and I have dozens upon dozens of perfumes that I do enjoy. I’ll finish up my sample vial but I have no use for this larger sample.
  • StriVectin SD Instant Retexturizing Scrub deluxe size: The particles in this are too coarse, but because there’s so few it ends up not being too harsh. It also never felt like it actually exfoliated my skin. Additionally, the cream part of this scrub burns the everloving fuck out of my eyes in a way that no other skincare product has, as far as I can remember. I used about half of this sample before I realized how stupid that was and that I should just stop.

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