Sunsets and Seas Summer 2015 Scents

Sunsets and Seas is a newer bath/body/perfume company brought to you buy the owner of Hello Waffle Cosmetics. Sunsets and Seas launched this summer, and I picked up a bunch of samples during the launch/the owner’s birthday sale. Samples are C$4.50, which I found expensive for 1mL. However, the 25% sale knocked that down, and the CAD-USD exchange rate was like another 25% discount. In the end, they were a little over US$2.50 each, which is downright friendly. I suspect that the higher original price might simply be a reflection of the materials; supplies that are cheap within the US are not as affordable for a company based in Canada. Whatever the case, be aware that exchange rates do affect costs.

Sunsets and Seas is closed right now, and I’m not sure if summer inventory will be available when they reopen. If it is, I imagine stock will be low. Perfumes are sold in 1mL sample vials, 5mL rollerball bottles, and 15mL rollerball bottles.


Summer in Canada is short as winter lasts for 10 months out of the year. We tend to do a lot of travelling to make the most out of summer and the Summer 2015 collection from Sunsets & Seas encompasses my favourite things about this season.

Fleurs: Like walking through a garden. Opens with a burst of ginger lilies and mellows to a chorus of peonies, honeysuckle, and jasmine. Sweet hay and peach keep this scent from becoming too powdery.

The description for this is pretty spot-on. Initially it’s very flowery, smelling like a ton of actual fresh-cut flowers. It hints at powderiness but never gets there. It’s a sweet fragrance, but not sugary… it’s kind of a sweet fresh flowery scent. The peach is constant but subtle. I don’t really know what sweet hay smells like, but the peach does blend well with the floral notes, keeping this in the sweet spot between floral and fruity. It reminds me of Sixteen92’s Paper Moon in that it’s mostly notes I like, with a hint of something I dislike, and a subtle peach note keeps it from going astray. Hooray for peach!

Out in the fields – A burst of honey that immediately mellows on your skin. Lilac and musk create this fresh outdoorsy scent. Dries down to sweet grass with a drop of grapefruit. Notes: Honey, Grapefruit Lily, Lilac, Musk

Ugh. It’s like powder but worse somehow. Tangy? Plus some honey, and flowery soap. What is happening? I like lilacs! But this is awful, just soapy flowery baby powder with honey drizzle. Luckily (?) this scent has about six inches of throw. I have to stick my nose right up to my wrist to smell anything at all. I can’t tell what it dries down to, because it all but vanishes.

Breezes: A few years ago, I used commute to work along the Bay of Quinte. On one side were farm fields and on the other were the rolling waves of Lake Ontario. This scent evokes the warmest memories from that time, to the best job I’ve ever had. Notes: Fresh Cut Grass, Sweet Hay, Honey, Ocean Breezes, Ozone

This starts out with that unfortunate weird urinal cake “mountain breeze” or whateverthefuck scent that I haven’t figured out yet. I’ve smelled something similar in a few scents with tuberose or jasmine, but this has neither of those so I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe it’s ozone? It’s aquatic in the way that makes you think you’re in an older bathroom in the midwest, with blue carpeting and seashell wallpaper. As it dries down, it becomes saltier and a little better. It never leaves ocean-scented-bathroom-accessories territory though.

La Mer: The aquatic to end all aquatics. Imagine being on a sea cliff watching whitecaps of the ocean crash against the rocks below. Salty, stormy, wet. Notes: Rolling Ocean Waves, Musk, Clary Sage, Ozone, and a drop of Salty Seaweed.

Very salty. Salty salty beachy saltwater. It’s very… accurate. Really, it’s intensely salty. Like the first time I was in the ocean, and swallowed too much seawater… Obviously saltwater is salty, and I knew that going in, but it’s SO SALTY. And seawatery. And this is that smell/taste, bottled. Er, vialed? Didn’t seem to morphe at all on my skin. Still there, still the same 12 hours later when I had to shower. I think this is my favorite beach/oceanic/saltwater scent so far. All sea salt sprays should smell like this.

I haven’t been able to figure out a pattern of what I do and don’t like within Sunsets and Seas’ catalog. For example, the summer collection had two florals and two aquatics – I really enjoyed one floral and one aquatic and can’t stand the other two. I’m working through the Autumn scents now, and hopefully a pattern will emerge. Meanwhile, I encourage you to pick up samples before springing for full sizes.

Sunsets and Seas is currently closed in preparation for a pre-Black Friday sale this weekend.

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