Birchbox October 2015

Birchbox is a monthly beauty, skincare, and lifestyle box. It costs $10/month, including shipping. Near the end of every month, Birchbox allows subscribers to select from four or five samples and pick one to receive in their next box. For the October Birchbox, I have to be honest, the biggest draw was the pink marbled box itself. The sample choices for were all mascaras, and that is so low on my shopping list. But I am a sucker for packaging, (and Birchbox’s point system and constant discount codes), and so here I sit, October Birchbox in hand. What did I get?


Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo – I adore the sweet not-quite-fruity-not-quite-floral scent of Amika products, and have been crossing my fingers for well over a year that this would show up in my Birchbox. FINALLY! I feel like I’m the last subscriber to receive this. Yes, I could have purchased it in the shop, but it’s expensive and it would have been a silly purchase since I don’t actually use dry shampoos. I just really like the scent of this one. There’s no solid logic behind my excitement for this, but who cares? I wanted it, and I (eventually) got it for the low low price of one Birchbox.

Avene Soothing Moisture Mask – I’m not sure if it’s advertising or if I actually looked into the science behind Avene’s claims, but I feel like they put out quality products. Expensive – maybe more expensive than warranted – but high quality. At any rate, the season for moisture masks is here, and I’m looking forward to trying this one.

Dear Clark Thickening Balm – Hair balm is a new product for me. It’s intended to make my fine hair (good job remembering that, Birchbox) “bigger than texas” or at least close to it. I’m exceptionally lazy about styling my hair, but the current trend of “messy and textured” seems well within my abilities. I’ll probably wait until it’s colder before I use this, when I start blow-drying my hair for the warmth.

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara – Unless they’re exceptionally runny, clumpy, or too waterproof, most mascaras work just fine for me. I haven’t heard anything good or bad about this one, and I’m happy to add it to my pile. There’s no sense in opening it now, as the safety clock on mascara starts ticking as soon as it’s opened, and I already have a couple other mascaras that I’m currently using.

Origins Modern Friction Nature’s gentle dermabrasion – This is, in fact, quite gentle when evaluated as an exfoliant. There’s not a ton of scrubby texture in it, but there’s enough, and even better, it doesn’t feel super jagged or harsh (even in small amounts, a harsh exfoliant will slice up your face). It foams and lathers up like crazy though! It’s more of a cleanser than a scrub. The first time I used it, I was amused that despite decades of successfully washing my face, I managed to get some in my eyes. It. stings. like. a. motherfucker. I’ve tried this SO many times, every time being more careful than the last. I’ve rinsed and rinsed and rinsed and rinsed, and not even opened my eyes until I’ve finished showering. Nope, still stings like a motherfucker. I thought maybe it was a sensitive skin issue, but my skin is fine. It’s my eyes that get irritated. I looked up the ingredients, and it includes three different citrus oils/extracts, plus cinnamon oil, plus peppermint oil. No fucking wonder my eyes hurt. It’s amazing my skin isn’t one big rash. I’m not allergic to any of them, but those are ALL common irritants. Like, they are used in lip plumping products because they are such effective irritants that they make the lips swell up. Irritation is their intended effect. What the fucking fuck, Origins? What is wrong with you, telling people to apply this to their faces?

Aside from Origins’ Nature’s irritants-in-a-tube bullshit, Birchbox seems to be on pretty solid ground these last few months (in terms of sending me things that I like/want). I’m still waiting on my November box, but the spoilers on my account page look good! If you’d like to subscribe, please consider using my referral link. You can also use the code 5BOXGIFT to save $5 off your first box.

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