Birchbox November 2015

Yes, it’s obviously not November, or 2015. I’m doing these reviews anyway though.  I received these things in November 2015, but another subscriber might not receive any of these items until June 2016 (Or never! Who can tell?!) Birchbox works in mysterious ways.

Birchbox is a monthly beauty, skincare, and lifestyle subscription box. It costs $10/month, though it can be cheaper with discount codes and/or an annual subscription. Each month, Birchbox announces about four different sample choices. Subscribers may choose one of those samples to receive in their next box, or they can leave it entirely up to chance. Here’s my November box:

LOC One & Done Shadow Stick – Birchbox launched their first in-house beauty brand, LOC (Love of Color), at the very end of October. To subscribers’ delight (or maybe disappointment?), all of the sample choices for November were products from the LOC line. The brand only has two products so far – an eyeshadow stick and a lip crayon. I chose an eyeshadow stick in On Point (“silvery taupe”). It’s a lovely, neutral color. It blends easily and the swatches I did were smudgeproof. On my hooded and crease-prone eyelids, it never completely set. It felt a little sticky all day, no matter how long I waited for it to set or how much primer I used (or didn’t use). Like every cream eyeshadow I’ve ever used except for one, it creased. It didn’t crease very much, but it did crease every time I wore it. Most people were impressed with the shadow sticks, and if you don’t have hooded eyelids, these sticks are probably very handy. Unfortunately they’re no good for me.

AYRES Body Polish – I’ve used this up completely since receiving it. It’s pleasant and effective, and has the right scrub-to-cream ratio. There’s nothing outstandingly fantastic about it. I wouldn’t go out of my way to get more, but it’s a good product that I would use again.

theBalm® cosmetics Frat Boy® Blush/Shadow – I love this color; I’ve wanted this blush for a while, but it never quite makes it to my shopping list. Part of that is because I absolutely do not need any more blushes. Another reason is that the name “Frat Boy” is just unappealing to me.  It’s silly reasoning when you consider all the ridiculous Urban Decay eyeshadows I have… At any rate, I’m happy to have a Frat Boy sample. The only downside is that the pan is so tiny. I might have to break it up and repress it in a wider/shallower pan. I’ve been trying to use up other blushes and haven’t gotten around to trying this yet. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Dr. Jart+ Water Replenishment 1X – A+ happy to have a new moisturizing sheet mask! I don’t think I’ve tried any from this brand before. I  used it to repair the damage that a horrible clay mask sample had done. I honestly didn’t think it was possible for my skin to recover that quickly, but the Dr.Jart+ mask worked wonderfully! The shape wasn’t perfect, but I figured out a way to fold parts of it so that it fit my face pretty well. I’m so pleased with this mask, and will be purchasing more.

Davines This Is a Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid – Based on the product name, and instructions, and reviews, I believed this was a product for relaxed hair (reasonable assumption, right?!). My hair is flat, fine, thin and straight, so I was a little confused by Birchbox’s decision to send this to me. My December box also included an item that seemed outside of my profile, so I emailed Birchbox and asked if they could shed some light on these items. Turns out, This Is a Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid is basically a leave-in conditioner that is specifically meant for straight hair. I still haven’t tried it, but if it works as well as the other Davines products I’ve used, it will be great.

My November box was altogether pretty good. Even though the eyeshadow stick didn’t work for me, it was a product that I wanted to try. I didn’t even use a coupon for this month (I paid the full $10) and am completely happy with what I received. If you’re interested in subscribing, please consider using my referral link. Use code SUBSCRIBENOW50 for $5 worth of points to spend in the Birchbox shop.

2 thoughts on “Birchbox November 2015

  1. I got this exact same box in November and loved the face mask and hair product. Both worked so well for me and will definitely be repurchase when the time corns (the Davines is a very generous sample that will last a long time)!


  2. I’ve been using the Davines sample all week (plenty left in the sample) and I love the way that it tames my flyaways, without being greasy. It’s a product that I will definitely consider purchasing. I haven’t tried the Dr. Jart mask, but after your glowing review, I can’t wait.


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