March 2016 Empties

I didn’t have a TON of empties in March, but I did a lot more destashing than I normally do. Because of that, this post felt a bit overwhelming and I kept putting it off. As usual, all previous mini-reviews and empties have been added to the Empties Archive. Everything in this post will be added to the archive before I post my April Empties. Enjoy my trash!image

  1. ♥ Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist sample spray – This is a scented water that you spray on your face, because sometimes that’s just what people do now. I’ve yet to be convinced that this (or any mist) is any better than filtered water. That said, I like the scent and would  definitely select it as a GWP sample.
  2. Nuganic Customize Sun Block Fresh SPF50 PA+++ – This came from Memebox originally, and was discontinued the last time I looked it up over a year ago. It looks like it’s either still discontinued, or only available within South Korea. It worked fine, but I bet there are other, easier-to-find sun blocks that are equally adequate. It’s not the worst thing if it gets too close to my eyes, but it’s not great around the eye area either.
  3. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream foil – Was not impressed. It felt… it made my skin feel like I had very sensitive skin. Slightly irritating, I guess.
  4. Peter Thomas Roth Max Sheer All Day Moisture Defense Lotion deluxe sample – I have no strong feelings about this. I alternated it with the Josie Maran sunscreen and didn’t really notice any difference. I’d use more of it, depending on the price.
  5. Savor Soap Whipped Soap Creme Fraiche Pumpkin mini – This was my first whipped soap, and it was not at all what I expected. First of all, it does not smell like pumpkin in any way. Not pumpkin, not pumpkin pie, not squash of any sort, and not “pumpkin pie spice” aka the blend of spices that you add to pumpkin to make pie. It smells like Red Hots candy, or like those red cinnamon gummy bears, which rank near Circus Peanuts and Bit-O-Honey as the worst so-called candies. Secondly, I had assumed whipped soap would be a bit more… whipped. Lighter and fluffier, like frosting. I was wrong. Savor’s whipped soap is as dense and firm as play dough. If you scooped it out and made a tiny sculpture out of it, it would stay in that shape until you decided to reshape it. [Since I don’t plan to do a dedicated review of Savor Soap, I feel obligated to elaborate: Even though I didn’t like this product, their customer service is excellent, shipping is fast, and the owner is friendly and responsive. I can comfortably recommend the store as a whole, but I strongly recommend looking up reviews of individual scents before placing an order.]
  6. Missha Perfect Cover B.B. Cream No. 13 foil – This matches my skin almost perfectly. It’s a little not-pink-enough, but since it’s exactly pale enough, it’s still a match. Because it matches the palest parts of my face so well, it does wash me out a bit and I definitely need bronzer to give my face back some depth and warmth. I plan to buy a full size of this after I finish all the foils.
  7. Dermalogica Active Moist – This has a stupid-sounding name that I kind of love. It makes me think of how fucking annoying it is when someone can’t handle seeing or reading or hearing the word “moist” and this product is just like “MOIST. That’s my name. Moist, Active MOIST. Deal with it, you big weird moist baby.” Other than that, it’s pretty uninspiring. There are no active ingredients, not even sunscreen. It absorbs wicked fast and is non-greasy. Because of the fragrant plant extracts, I wouldn’t call it non-irritating, but it doesn’t feel irritating to my skin. During the months that I used it as my primary facial moisturizer last summer, my face was flaky and dry with many closed comedones. After giving it plenty of time to prove its value, I  moved on to moisturizers that were more effective and used up Active Moist as a body lotion.
  8. Paula’s Choice Resist Anti-Aging Lip Gloss Clearshine foil – Feels nice and lasts a while, but it smells really gross – sugary with a hint of chocolate, and …chemical? I know, that’s vague as fuck. But, like, it’s just really disgusting and then they added this sweetness to hide it and it doesn’t work. The scent fades pretty quickly after application, but there’s still the taste: tangy and mildly metallic.
  9. Paula’s Choice Resist Anti-Aging Lip Gloss Sheer Pink foil – I stand corrected, the terrible taste must have been something else on my face yesterday. The gross scent + gross sweetness intended to cover the underlying grossness is still here though. Blech.
  10. Dr Dennis Gross Dark Spot Sun Defense deluxe sample – This smells like hot plastic that’s juuuuuust about to start burning. Gross indeed.
  11. Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil foil – Ugh so gross, more like cleansing… grease? It’s so thick that you can only move your hands across your face in slow motion. It’s…sticky. And thick. It’s sweet and citrusy scented. Imagine if you rubbed a sheer Stila Lip Glaze all over your face instead of a cleanser. That’s exactly what this is like.
  12. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 13 foil – A+ amazing. Definitely repurchasing this during the next free shipping offer from Missha
  13. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 13 foil – ditto
  14. ♥ DHC Deep Cleansing Oil travel size – This is the smaller travel size with no pump. The product is great, but it’s worth paying more for the travel size that has a pump.
  15. ♥ Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick Sheer Shame sample – Oh dang, if I’d used this before Sheer Ladyflower, I probably would have bought this instead. Love it so much. It’s redder than Sheer Ladyflower and pinker than Tarina Tarantio Floriculture; those are the closest dupes I own. It’s not different enough on my face to warrant a purchase now, but when my collection is a little smaller I want to buy this. Perfectly flattering sheer berry, comfortable like a balm, and doesn’t settle into lines.
  16. ♥ 37 Actives High Performance Anti-Aging Cleansing Treatment – One of my favorite things BeautyDNA has sent me. Great product, creamy cleanser that lathers slightly and doesn’t irritate or over-clean. Has a pleasant refreshing/natural/slightly sweet/almost vanilla peppermint scent. I don’t think I can justify repurchasing when CeraVe cleanser works just as well, without the nice scent. But I’d like to.
  17. ♥ DHC Coenzyme Q10 Quick Gel Brightening Moisture foil – I’m not sure what this is supposed to do, but my skin had no complaints. Texture reminds me of Belif’s Aqua Bomb. No scent.
  18. ♥ First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser foil – Surprisingly efficient and gentle. It foams up really well and seems to do a good job without making my face squeaky clean or dried out. I only used it after removing my makeup, so I can’t speak to its makeup removal abilities.
  19. ♥ Ole Henriksen total truth eye crème SPF 15 deluxe sample – Richer than other eye creams in recent memory, not irritating for my skin, has SPF… I’d look into getting more of this.
  20. Benefit They’re Real Pushup Liner deluxe sample – It’s good (no, really – it looks good once it’s on and it stays put) but it’s such a pain in the ass to use. Either everything in the tip gets dry/crusty and you have to waste a bunch every time you use it, or you have to use the little orange stopper plug to “reseal” it every time, which makes a mess both when you plug it up and when you unplug it later. There’s a lot of room for improvement, although this sample is actually an accurate representation of the product (as opposed to the total garbage single use sample).
  21. Avene Soothing Moisture Mask deluxe sample – I took Beautypedia’s advice and used this as an overnight mask. It worked fine, though it wasn’t much of a test since my skin wasn’t excessively dry to begin with.
  22. ♥ DHC Coenzyme Q10 Milk foil – Runnier version of the gel. I’d consider more of either.
  23. Haus of Gloi Soft Bubbling Scrub Eggnoggin mini – This suds up like a foaming, exfoliating body wash, unfortunately. I like my body scrubs to be thicker so I can really scrub with them, instead of lathering up like a soap. It only lasted about three uses. Maybe that’s typical for body scrubs, but I expected it to last longer. There’s nothing wrong with this, it just isn’t the sort of product that I enjoy using. I do still like the Eggnoggin scent though. It wasn’t as strong or deliciously eggnog-like as the perfume, but it was still pleasant. The scent did not linger after the scrub was rinsed off.

That’s it for empties, but I also got rid of a bunch of other items in March. Most of them are not pictured, since I either gave them away or trashed them right away:

1-3. Life’s Entropy Lip Theory Derivative sample, Life’s Entropy Lip Theory Enzyme sample, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Melange – All unflattering. They’re too pale and make me look like I have no upper lip, and the tone is weird.
4. Dr.Jart+ BB Mate Contouring Kit 3. Bronzing sample – nonono. It just made my face look dirty. I thought maybe it would be workable as a bronzer (i.e. for looking like I got some sun, instead of as a contour) but it doesn’t at all. It’s too warm to even use as that!
5. Dr.Jart+ BB Mate Contouring Kit 2. Neutralizing sample -This is basically just a regular BB Cream to fill in the blanks between highlighting and bronzing and to make them easier to blend, but it’s too yellow/warm/dark to be of any use for me.
6. BareMinerals Ready Foundation R310 deluxe sample – Obviously a medium shade won’t work as a foundation for me, my intention was to use it as a bronzer. I gave it a fair shot, but it tends to make me look dirty instead of sunned. It’s too cool to be a good bronzer and too warm to be a good contour.
7. Living Proof PhD Dry Shampoo travel size – Absorbs oil and volumizes, but it also turns my hair white. Even after brushing as much as possible out, my hair is still several shades whiter than normal.
8-31. Twenty-three remaining pans from my Elf Neutral 32-Pan Palette – I purchased this palette either in 2010 or 2011. It was well worth the $6 I paid for it, but it’s time to move on. Pressed eyeshadow does eventually expire… even if it doesn’t mold, it becomes crumbly and chalky, oxidizes (which changes the color), or loses pigmentation. At this point it’s hard to say if these are poor quality (mattes and anything dark), or if they’re just too old to be very good. I enjoyed completely panning several of these pans, but it’s time to move on to one of the literally hundreds of other, non-expired eyeshadows that I have.
32. Stila Smudge Stick Stingray – Destashed because it was a backup that I’ll literally never get to. I like this, but I’m not sure if I’d repurchase it or not. It’s a favorite formula of mine, but the caps do tend to crack, leaving the product to dry out too soon. I haven’t had this problem with any other brand’s eyeliners.
33. Stila Smudge Stick Lionfish – This is a backup that I’ll literally never get to. Even if I do finish the original (which I like), I wouldn’t repurchase it because I’d rather have something less bronze/warm.
34. NYX Matte Lipstick Forbidden – Too orange-toned to actually give me concealer-lips, but close. It’s unflattering to wear on its own, because of the way it wears off/gets in lines. I would use it as a way to lighten up lipstick that was too dark. I’d rather use Life’s Entropy’s Lip Theories to do that and just get rid of this lipstick that can’t be worn on its own anyway.
35. QTICA Intense Lip Therapy Balm – is basically Carmex. It reminded me of Carmex in every way. I have other lip balms that I actually like, and since it’s taking me forever to get through them I decided to pass this on.
36. ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick Kitty – Somehow the shade Dawn to Dusk, which is browner, looks 100% more flattering. But add a hint of pink to it, and it’s awful. This is like concealer lips, but it’s even less flattering.
37. ♥ Julep Eye Glider Rich Brown – This is the most practical shade of my favorite eyeliner. Why get rid of it? Because this is a backup of my backup, and it will probably expire before I can finish my first two.
38-42. Tocca Florence deluxe sample, Philosophy Loveswept sample vial, Harvey Prince Gardenia sample spray, DKNY My NY mini, Michael Kors Signature EDP mini – All scents from my “GWPs/scents that just showed up whether I wanted them or not” pile. For the most part, I thought these were alright but not anything I’d ever choose to wear. They won’t be missed.
43-44. Abba Firm Hold Hairspray deluxe sample, Bumble and bumble Thickening Hairspray deluxe sample – I use hairspray maybe twice a year, so there’s no reason for me to stockpile hairspray samples.
45-51. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Straight Fixation Smoothing Creme deluxe sample, Bumble and bumble All-Style Blow Dry deluxe sample, Bumble and bumble Repair Blow Dry deluxe sample, Bumble and bumble Straight Blow Dry deluxe sample, Bumble and bumble Straight Blow Dry deluxe sample, John Frieda Frizz-Ease 3-Day Straight deluxe sample, Phyto Phytopolleine Universal Scalp Elixer sample – I’ve had most of these for a couple years and have not used them once. It would probably be another several years before I get around to even attempting to use any of these.
52. Mountain Ocean Lip Trip SPF15 – I bought this on a trip, when I didn’t have any lip balm and wanted to get the “best” thing for my lips. So much regret. Sure, it has SPF, but I hesitate to call it a balm. It’s more like a pocket-sized candle that for you to rub on your lips if… well there’s no reason, really. I could use it up as a lipstick primer since it’s literally just a stick of wax, but it’s several  years old and looks like it’s getting discolored around the edges (or in the center, I’m not sure which is the original color). Time to toss it.

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