Poesie Perfume Fragrance Archive

Poesie Perfume fragrances are available directly from poesieperfume.com. Individual decants/samples can sometimes be ordered through Ajevie. Collaborations with Indie Beautique are available at Indie Beautique.

Poesie typically offers one or two new/seasonal sets at a time, plus a general catalog. Currently available scents are in bold text. In case you wish to avert your eyes from things you can’t have, Poesie’s own scent catalog lists only the scents that are currently available. Updated 3 May 2019.

Illuminate (layering notes)

  • Blanket Nov 2017 – softest vanilla musk
  • Dreamy Nov 2017 – white lavender
  • Embrace Nov 2017 – creamy white sandalwood
  • Fresh Jun 2017 – a mouth-watering melange of citrus to add brightness & zest
  • Frosted Oct 2017 – marshmallow buttercream reminiscent of a buttery homemade marshmallow
  • Glowing Oct 2017 – amber adds a cozy glow to any fragrance; soft and sweet with notes of caramel, balsam, and musk
  • Juicy Jun 2017 – a crisp blend of red apple, pomegranate, & berries to add sweetness & sparkle
  • Lush Jun 2017 – a heavenly gardenia soliflore evocative of a freshly picked bloom
  • Patina Jun 2017 – an elegant, refined patchouli to add depth and an intoxicating  woody note to any blend
  • Sacred Oct 2017 – church incense spreads the divine fragrance of frankincense, myrrh, natural resins, spices, and fragrant woods
  • Sucre Vanilla Winter 2018 – Sparkling white sugar laced with vanilla bean
  • Cuppa Oct 2017 – Darjeeling black tea note makes every time, tea time
  • Sugared Nov 2017 – delicious sugar cookies
  • Kissed Feb 2018 – scrumptious pink marshmallow kissed by sweet red berries
  • Lovely Feb 2018 – true red rose
  • Ribbon Feb 2018 – smooth, sweet caramel
  • Bliss – tender white cake with notes of almond and vanilla, topped with sweet frosting
  • Fraise – the juicy sweet goodness of sliced ripe strawberries sprinkled with sugar
  • Radiant – toasted coconut and salt-tinged skin touched with summer heat
  • Soft – fragrant, comforting basmati rice
  • Wild – a refined, true-to-life scent of delicate wildflower honey (10% of sales benefit Bee City USA
  • Bookish – the slightly sweet smell of aged pages and leathery covers
  • Cloud – the innocent scent of fluffy cotton candy
  • Earth – evocative of freshly turned, slightly moist soil
  • Mûre – juicy, ripe blackberries picked straight from the vine
  • Nectar – the sweet honeysuckle blossoms synonymous with summer
  • Carnal Fall 2018 – luxurious, soft sueded leather
  • Cozy Fall 2018 – spicy cardamon and rich vanilla
  • Snug Fall 2018 – rich maple syrup and a sprinkle of brown sugar
  • Vice Fall 2018 – the rich, sweet scent of dried tobacco leaves
  • Wisp Fall 2018 (returning) – the lingering fragrance of smoke after a bonfire

Poetic Light, 2019

  • Cauldron of Morning (inspired by Sylvia Plath) — powdery marshmallows laced with licorice, juicy plum and blood orange, gardenia, green rose, rich mahogany
  • Daylight & Dark (inspired by Dorothy Parker) — tuberose, gin spiked with elderflower liqueur, sparkling muguet, a modern Chypre accord
  • Finest Thing (inspired by Sappho) — baklava soaked in amber honey, helichrysum, wild rosemary, sun-warmed skin
  • Full Moon (at the Temple)(inspired by Lady Murasaki) — fragrant white rice, shiso leaf, bitter yuzu zest, hinoki wood, green tea, lakewater
  • Illuminated (inspired by Sor Juana) — pineapple, pomelo and cherimoya are sprinkled with crushed pink peppercorns and delicate petals of jessamine and choisya
  • Star to Star (inspired by Phillis Wheatley) — starfruit, raspberry, clementine, stargazer lily, peony, vanilla custard lashed with caramel

Tudor Lace, 2019

  • Ethereal Lace – white lilac + old books, Vanille, antique lace
  • Ivory Lace – three vanillas lashed with amber honey + wrapped in antique lace
  • Lemon Lace – sweet-tart lemon combines with sweet Vanille + antique lace
  • Pink Lace – juicy strawberries + pink champagne, Vanille, antique lace
  • Serene Lace – palo santo incense + a haze of cedar smoke, Vanille, antique lace
  • Tea-Stained Lace – rich pipe tobacco + black tea leaves, Vanille, antique lace

Bonny & Buxom, Valentine 2019

  • Grenada (inspired by Katherine of Aragon) – Spanish leather, cinnamon sticks and dried clove, geranium and neroli, roasted vanilla and tonka beans
  • Falcon Rising (inspired by Anne Boleyn) – tempting cherry and deadly bitter almond, richest vanilla with hints of smooth milk chocolate, charred woods
  • Crowned (inspired by Jane Seymour) – a clean blend of lavender, mint and grapefruit, fluffy marshmallow, royal sandalwood
  • Golden Shield (inspired by Anne of Cleves) – delicate green tea, lemon verbena, sparkling clementine, wildflower honey
  • Rose Without Thorn (inspired by Catherine Howard) – juicy peach, dewy hyacinth, green vanilla pod, cedarwood
  • Woman Triumphant (inspired by Katharine Parr) – iris flower, precious resins, white oud, ink + old books

Limited Edition, Holiday 2018

  • Balmoral Fireplace – Whiskey, firewood, clean wool blankets, tonka bean
  • Majesty’s Milk Punch – Boozy rum with milk, citrus, vanilla and nutmeg

A Very Victorian Christmas, Holiday 2018

  • All Jollity – Black amber, dark vanilla beans, rich oud, creamy roasted chestnut, a hint of caraway
  • Plum Pudding – A rich gourmand dream loaded with brown sugar, currants, raisins, apple, Christmas spices, citrus zest and brandy
  • Tannenbaum – Creamy hot chocolate, candied orange peels, a string of gingerbread men, Frasier fir needles, beeswax candles
  • Wassail – A warming hit of apple cider spiced with cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, cloves and fresh lemon slices
  • Windsor – Sweet balsam fir, benzoin resin, white amber, Christmas cookies, vanilla creme

Frankenstein, Fall 2018

  • Creature Comforts – a pastry shop filled with sugar cookies, pumpkin pie, apple tarts, homemade marshmallows, and sticky toffee pudding
  • Obedient Element – bubbling dragon’s blood incense, stacks of paper splashed with ink, scattered pipe tobacco, a splatter of melted beeswax candle
  • Villa Diodati – pungent wild rosemary and fresh balsam pine, crystal clear lakewater, dry, dark vanilla
  • We Shall Be Monsters – bitter almond + black licorice, graveyard dirt tinged with blood, the green bite of galbanum, forbidden manuscripts
  • Year Without Summer – the narcotic sweetness of opium blended with the blackest amber, spilled coffee, a hint of bitter green cannabis
  • Young Romantics – a voluptuous blend of dark fig preserves and lush, velvety red rose tinged with exotic spice, sultry resins. musk mallow, and vanilla bean

Fools in Love, Summer 2018

  • Darcy – bright but bitter grapefruit gives way to an accord of sultry vetiver and sweet, rich vanilla
  • Elizabeth – a fluffy bouquet of lilac, heliotrope, and mimosa gathered on a long walk through fresh earth, grass and clover
  • Fine Eyes – tart rhubarb paired with an irresistible burst of tuberose that conquers all resistance to its charms, a spark of ginger keeps things warm and lively
  • Jane – marzipan hearts, fresh raspberries, buttery slices of pound cake soaked in peach syrup and spread with white chocolate
  • Pemberley – a stunning English garden – crushed tomato leaf, flowering woodbine & wisteria, peony petals, oak and ivy leaf blend seamlessly
  • Twice to Tea – a strongly brewed cup of Earl Grey tea delicately infused with all natural lavender absolute, sweetened with vanilla syrup, and lightened with a splash of milk
  • Wickham – a classic fougere accord with citrus and sage opens and is quickly corrupted by a dissipated blend of whiskey, tobacco and the polished wood of a card table

Miss, Behave! Artist Edition, Spring 2018

  • Chiaroscuro – A flood of bright limoncello, milky figs, cedarwood, dark vanilla beans lashed with communion wine, a waft of church incense
  • Cloudless Sky – Apples, strawberry and rhubarb sprinkled in sugar and wrapped in tender pastry, a big cup of chamomile tea, a tiny house in the Nova Scotia woods
  • Faraway, Nearby – Wild-crafted pinyon pine oil, aromatic sagebrush, hot sand & desert winds, bone musk
  • Mâdar – Comforting, creamy Basmati rice pudding flavored with orange flower water, saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, and dried rose petals, then piled high with sugared pistachios
  • Orion – Deceptively simple. A cloud of cherry-vanilla cola, a twinkle of starfruit
  • Rentimei 人體美 – The beauty of the human body. A progression from tender bamboo shoots to velvety lily petals
  • Strange Sisterhood – Wild gathered berries, sweet violet blooms, a union of three vanillas, a creamy hint of white coconut flesh
  • The Empress – A burst of bubblegum, lush gardenia and antique Bulgarian rose blossoms, amber honey, seductive dragon’s blood incense
  • Viva La Vida – A riot of tropical fruits – guava, melon, mango, passion fruit, and pineapple — sweet but not heavy, laced with Mexican cilantro

Fantastical Banquet, Valentine 2018

  • All Mirth, No Matter – apricot blossom, white chocolate, butterscotch, honeysuckle, magnolia,  amber, and a fillip of juicy blood orange
  • Book of Words – sweet orange, lemon, lime, sugared milk, skin musk, benzoin, muguet, oud
  • Lady Disdain – fresh carnation petals, spiced vanilla, red velvet musk, soft leather, Moroccan rose, ylang ylang, pink peppercorn
  • OYSTER! – grey musk, ocean brine, bitter cucumber,  a twist of lemon, elemi resin, angelica
  • Sigh Away Sundays – Immortelle blossom infused creme brûlée topped with a sprig of glazed black currants
  • Some With Arrows- juicy green pear, violet leaf, bright clementine, a slice of wedding cake, lily of the valley, fruity musk

Limited Edition, Holiday 2017

  • Marzipan Pig – Lush marzipan, fluffy pink marshmallow, billowy heliotrope blossom, caramelized vanilla sugar, red berries
  • Juletid – Inspired by the traditional seven sorts of Christmas cookies — enter a holiday kitchen filled with the smells of delectable cookies baking, from gingersnaps and waffle cookies to raspberry-jam filled shortbread, brandy creams, and bite-sized dreams rolled in cinnamon sugar

Midwinter Feast, November 2017

  • A Day & A Night – sweet amber, white amber, natural fossilized amber oil, sensual musk, vanilla, dark spices & resins
  • Beloved – sugared plums, sumptuous brown sugar cake dusted with cinnamon sugar, a hint of woodsmoke and labdanum
  • Forest Cat – fuzzy paws tinged with earth, night forest, grey fur musk, milky breath
  • Idunn’s Apples – golden apples, caramelized hazelnuts, sweet cedarwood, hazy oud, creamy musk (discontinued due to component availability)
  • Mead of Poets – honeyed mead, a historical medley of intoxicating herbs and spices, red musk, the blood of the wise
  • Mischief Maker – Notes: black coffee clouded with sweet cream then drizzled with caramel, naked salt-tinged skin
  • Northmen – weathered leather, turbulent seawater, woodsmoke, richly carved oakwood, birch tar, a blood-stained shield
  • Shield-Maiden – pink rose, peony, sharpened metal, crisp air, deep pine woods and frozen earth
  • Thought & Memory – fresh herbal lavender spiked with anise & cardamom, deep vetiver, galbanum, green leather, balsamic woods

Limited Release, October 2017

  • Breakfast in Bed – creamy pumpkin flesh and warm pumpkin spice transformed into fluffy pancakes, stacked high and doused in decadent maple syrup.

Thornfield, September 2017

  • Opening Chapter – a generous cup of steaming Darjeeling tea, a rainy day, a pile of old books all your own
  • Tiny Phantom – innocent pink roses, marshmallow buttercream, pale white musk, antique mahogany
  • Thornfield — burned wood and lingering smoke, new Vanille accord (a sweet, non-foody vanilla), the barest hint of pumpkin pie spices
  • Bewitched — the ingredients for a love spell – yellow apple, clove, apricot, black pepper, vetiver, anise, cauldron smoke
  • Sir – a masterful blend of fine cognac and tobacco, leather riding boots and a worn leather saddle, hay from the stables, warm skin
  • Strange Unearthly Thing – moss and ivy entwined, an overturned log studded with tiny mushrooms, one ripe peach, a circle of fairy flowers, white amber
  • Marble Kiss – gorse blossom, pink marshmallow, sweet sandalwood incense, a wedding coronet of orange blossom, white iris, and rose de mai
  • No Bird – blossoming heather, windswept moors, dried leaves eddied by a zephyr
  • Myself Invisible – stacked books, spilled ink, black tea, shy violets hiding deep in the forest

Blue Highways, Summer 2017

  • Blue Highway – a tender vanilla-scented muffin studded with juicy ripe blueberries
  • Cotton & Clover – freshly laundered cotton drying in the sun, a green expanse of sweet clover
  • County Line – wild strawberries, honeysuckle in full bloom, cold lemonade, a weathered wooden swing
  • Honey, Honey – fresh cut grass, wet earth, wildflower honey (vegan)
  • Watson – lavender in full bloom, apples plucked straight from the tree, sweet dried tobacco leaves, a scattering of hay, polished mahogany & rosewood

Miss, Behave!, Spring 2017

  • Atchison – juicy red grapefruit, bright geranium bourbon, peppery freesia, earthy vetiver, warm oud, musky ambergris (discontinued due to component availability)
  • Codename Madeleine – rich butter cookies, heady jasmine blossom, bright cardamom
  • Enchantress of Numbers – clean lemon and fresh lavender, corrupted by a ribbon of caramel and sweet amber
  • Lovelorn Wind – intoxicating pink lotus, honeyed peach skin, sweet jasmine sambac, delicate rose de mai, crystalline musk, creamy sandalwood
  • Montgomery – lemony sweet viburnum blooms, plush Peru Balsam, delicate neroli, a hint of green foliage
  • A Thousand Warriors – juicy ume plum, bitter yuzu, divine hinoki wood, fluffy vanilla

Special Release, Late Winter 2017

  • Theobroma – Rich chocolate with fruity and floral notes dances with sweet, warm amber in a celebration of love and life, then blends with creamy sandalwood highlighted with a hint of lemony frankincense and aromatic smoke.

Hard-Boiled Valentine, Valentine 2017

  • Bishop’s Blonde – soft cashmere musk, sweet ruby red grapefruit, sueded leather, lush jasmine sambac, smooth white orange blossom petals
  • Blue Murder – a generous splash of sweet-tart blood orange juice, powdery blue poppy, radiant white musk
  • Marlowe – spicy coriander, rich sandalwood, rough hewn teak wood, intoxicating skin musk
  • Sin City – woody black pepper, red wine soaked berries, boozy vanilla, creamy oakwood
  • Worth A Stare – dusky orris root, austere leather, aromatic cedarwood, velvet musk, a twinkle of ladylike violet

Joyeux Noel, Holiday 2016

  • Eggnog Noel – creamy custard, opulent vanilla, warm nutmeg, a splash of French cognac (returns seasonally for Christmas)
  • Feu de Joie – bright black pepper, fruity pink pepper, resinous Brazilian pepper berries, intense red chili, warm ginger, precious woods, smoky vetiver, sweet Indian jasmine
  • Frosted Hummingbird – toasted pecans, buttery cake, warm cinnamon, decadent cream cheese frosting, juicy pineapple, sweet banana
  • Midnight Revel – sparkling aldehydes, sweet bergamot, spicy Moroccan rose, three intoxicating jasmines, ambergris musk, rich sandalwood
  • Rêve de Neige – dreamy lavender, powdery white musk, softest vanilla sugar, a whisper of sweet orange
  • The Contessa – juicy grapefruit, tart cranberry, crisp gin, zesty orange bitters, sweet jasmine sambac
  • Zydeco Jingle Bell – exotic cypriol, sexy amber musk, sultry holiday spices, elegant woods

Damn Fine, Autumn 2016

  • Âme Solitare – orchids sweetly scented of chocolate and vanilla, sharp wet leaves, damp earth
  • Damn Fine – dark coffee beans, airy vanilla, black musk, cardamom, bitter almond
  • Great Northern – fresh cedarwood, ripe plum, black and pink peppercorns, warm clove
  • Laura – ethereal violet, sweet basil, rain-drenched earth, balsam fir, secrets
  • Mädchenland – floral Pacific Rose apples, luscious yellow cake, warming spices, a delicate drizzle of caramel
  • Plaid Shirt – clean white musk, gingerbread crumbs, lemony olibanum, sandalwood soap
  • PNW – fresh pumpkin, spicy nutmeg, clean woods, creamy coconut candy, juicy red grapefruit
  • Secret Boyfriend a mountain of light fluffy marshmallows, your secret boyfriend’s leather jacket, pine and cedar, a wisp of smoke
  • Too Dreamy – maraschino cherry, sweet amber, creamy sandalwood, rich oud, skin musk, green cherry stem (discontinued due to component availability)

First Ladies, Summer 2016

  • Dolley Madison – powdery violet, delicate white rose, fresh lemon, sweet benzoin
  • Prima – luscious candied apricot, sweet amber, a sprinkle of orange and lemon zest
  • Sixties Salad – tangy pineapple, delicate pistachio, fluffy marshmallow
  • Strawberry Party – juicy sweet strawberries, delicate white almond cake, whipped cream
  • White House Garden – creamy sweet fig, white musk, blossoms of lemon thyme

Twisted Bouquet, Valentine 2016

  • Christabel – sweet, ripe strawberries, clean woods, comforting skin musk
  • Circe – delicate snowdrop, wildflower honey, tranquil vanilla
  • Helena – peppery freesia, a lush bouquet of fruity jasmine sambac and red Moroccan rose, green woods, and a drop of sweet amber – a modern, wearable chypre
  • Sans Merci – sweet orange flower, the green of an elfin grotto, sprinkled petals of jasmine and rose

Limited Edition, Holiday 2015

  • Messe de Minuit – A swirl of church incense from the thurible, wood polished by generations of devotees, and boughs of balsam fir swagged with sugar-frosted cranberries on every windowsill. (returns seasonally for Christmas)

Dark and Stormy, Autumn 2015

  • Byronic Hero – damp sea air, green herbs, grey musk, smooth lavender, worn leather.
  • Fainting Spell – Lady Grey tea with a splash of cream for comfort and hazelnut shortbread cookies to bolster the spirits.
  • Family Curse – sweet apple, creamy sandalwood, spiced vanilla, a wisp of smoke
  • Haunted Past – creamy pumpkin drizzled with salted caramel, darkest coffee and chocolate laced with vanilla
  • Imperiled Maiden – freshly cut Bulgarian rose, green rose stems, sweet cedarwood
  • Innocence – sweet peach skin, delicate coconut milk, comforting skin musk
  • Necromancer – a generous drizzle of orange blossom honey, spicy dark gingerbread, golden amber, black musk
  • Sinister Light – charred wood, sweet hay and dried leaves, pumpkin flesh studded with cloves, carnation, the heat of ginger
  • The Abbey – sweet rosewood, white and red sandalwood, four vanillas, a spark of coriander

Playlist, Summer 2015

  • Arctic Monkeys – creamy ripe banana, sweet amber, ethereal violet
  • Cities in the Dust – a juicy melange of citrus fruit, sweet citrus blossoms, aromatic herbs, sacred olibanum
  • Echo – aqueous lychee, fresh rose, green coconut water, a drop of cardamom to keep things interesting
  • Just Like Heaven delicate lavender, heavenly marshmallow accord, resinous incense
  • Lips Like Sugar – luscious frangipani, sugared vanilla, succulent mango
  • Strange Little Girl tart blueberry, crushed summer leaves, moist earth
  • The Bunnymen toasted coconut, creamy coconut custard, graham cracker sprinkles
  • Tuff Baby – watermelon candy, spicy ginger, a twist of lime zes

1928, May 2015

  • Aurora – sparkling citrus, effervescent cucumber, vanilla woods
  • Buttoned Down – smoky vetiver, juicy bergamot, herbaceous lavender, cedarwood
  • Fan Dance – sugar-dusted tart raspberries, vanilla bean
  • Femme Dangereuse – powdery iris, exotic spices, and skin-warmed leather driving gloves
  • La Jeunesse – juicy apple, tea rose, and freshly cut grass
  • Luxor – warm spices, wafts of incense smoke, creamy sandalwood
  • Mrs. B’s Teacakes – honeyed almond, luscious vanilla, orange zest, spices, black tea
  • Tempting Lollies – sweet orange, banana candy, bright mint, sugared coffee
  • The Aviation – candied violets, spicy juniper, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and a hint of cherry

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