Sixteen92 Circle Subscription

Sixteen92 is an outstanding perfumery in many ways, and one of my favorites is that they offer a sample subscription service. Sign-ups only happen once a year, and that once is RIGHT NOW.

SERIOUSLY, RIGHT NOW. GO. GO BUY IT NOW BEFORE IT CLOSES! …I mean, if you’re interested in it. If you want to know more, Claire has all the details right here. If you’d like me to spell the details out for you with slightly different wording, just keep reading because I’ve done exactly that.

This is the third time the subscription has been offered. In 2015, I hadn’t tried anything from Sixteen92, and it was too big of a gamble for me (and my budget). I did sign up in 2016, and this is what I received:

Pictured: twenty-six perfume samples and one full size perfume, the boxes they came in, description cards, discount codes, and one candy necklace that I can’t convince myself to eat.

I have already renewed my subscription for 2017, and if it’s within your budget and interest, I highly recommend this purchase.

What do you get?

At a minimum, subscribers receive samples of each new seasonal collection (at least five fragrances per season). The annual subscription includes Summer, Fall, Halloween, Winter, and Spring, plus an additional full size perfume that is exclusive for Circle subscribers. Spring/Summer subscribers receive samples of the spring and summer collections, and Fall/Winter subscribers receive samples for the fall and winter collections (but not the Halloween collection!).  If you planned to buy sample sets anyway, and nothing else all year long it saves you money. It’s cheaper than buying all the sets, plus you only have to pay for shipping once, plus you get a full size bonus. But just in case you love anything, the Circle also includes several discounts and bonuses…


Every subscriber gets a 10% discount code that can be used on anything (except a subscription renewal). Use it on any product, use it on small or large purchases, use it on special limited edition scents, or don’t use it at all. For Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter subscribers, their 10% code may only be used once. Annual subscribers may reuse their 10% code as many times as they like.

Subscribers also receive a one-time-use, seasonal-fragrance-only discount code with every seasonal sample collection. Those codes can only be used once, and they can only be used on seasonal fragrance items. No hair care products, no lotions, and no scrubs. Codes are only valid on seasonal perfumes, but they do not have to be from the newest release. If there was a Summer fragrance that you  loved last year, you could wait until it’s re-released later in the season, and use your code to restock. Eau de parfums are typically released later in the season as well, I believe it’s after it becomes clear which scents are more popular or requested as EDPs. Seasonal discount codes are valid on those as well. Possible changes from last year: 1) Last year, discount codes were 30% off. This year the amount is not specified. 2) Last year, seasonal discounts could be used on as many fragrance items as you wanted as long as they were part of the same purchase (i.e. buy a sample, buy rollerballs of the whole collection, or anything in between). This year, the phrasing implies that the discount may only be used on “a fragrance item.” That sounds like only one item to me, but time will tell.

Spring/Summer subscribers will receive codes for Spring and Summer collections. Fall/Winter subscribers will receive codes for Fall and Winter collections. Annual subscribers will receive codes for all four seasons, plus the Halloween collection. No subscribers receive codes for Holiday or Anniversary collections. 10% discount codes will work, of course, but remember that in the past there have been Anniversary and Black Friday sales with better discounts than that.

Early Access

Circle subscribers receive early access to the actual perfumes – obviously, in the form of samples – as well as in the form of a private pre-sale link. Seasonal collections are available for subscribers at least a couple days before they are released to the public, which minimizes the long turn-around-time that can happen with popular seasonal releases. This pre-sale is usually (always?) perfume oils only. Seasonal bath/body products are typically  part of the public release.

When  it comes time to renew your Circle subscription – if you want – current subscribers receive first access. This year, renewals were available from March 21st – 24th, and subscriptions were offered to the public starting today, April 1. As mentioned already, 10% discount codes are not for subscription renewals but a $5 discount code was provided for anyone renewing. I definitely appreciate that current subscribers get priority for the next year of subscriptions, but I did not anticipate a discount. I expect renewals to get priority again next year, but I can’t promise that the $5 discount will be offered again.


Circle subscribers may receive previews of upcoming releases with their subscription boxes. This was not part of the 2016 subscription. I assume that means sample vials of limited edition scents, but that’s purely speculation on my part. It could be samples of bath or body products, it could be stickers or pins, it could possibly be nothing at all. Since it’s specifically mentioned in the details, I expect it to be more than nothing, but I’m trying to keep my hopes low. I find the samples and the free shipping to be worth the price of the subscription as-is, so if Claire is inclined to include anything extra, I will consider it a pleasant surprise.

The most notable bonus of the Circle subscription is the exclusive perfume. Annual subscribers will receive a full size perfumes, free of charge (er… included with the price of the annual subscription). Seasonal (Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter) subscribers will not receive the fragrance, but they will be offered the option to buy it. For the 2016-17 subscription, subscribers were given the option to purchase extra bottles. Presumably 2017-18 subscribers will also be given that option. Neither of the exclusive scents have been offered for sale to non-subscribers, to the best of my knowledge, even as part of the annual Resurrection event.

I’ve been completely pleased with my subscription. Not every scent worked for me, of course. But I would have purchased all the sample sets anyway, and this was a better deal than purchasing the sets as they were released. I must admit that the discounts convinced me to spend more than I would have otherwise, but I still feel that I’ve gotten a good price on my purchases this year. Presumably Claire/Sixteen92 feels that they are making enough money to balance out the discounts offered, and I hope that the subscription continues in future years. If you’d like to purchase a subscription for next year, get to it. I have no idea how long they’ll last.



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